Featured Building – Coca Cola Headquarters in Upper Hill

In 2006 The Coca-Cola Company Ltd made a decision to build their regional East & Central Africa Office Headquarters in the Upper Hill area of Nairobi. This head office is the headquarters of their operations in 27 African countries. Following an architectural design competition in late 2007, GAPP Architects & Urban Designers of South Africa, in association with Triad Architects, were appointed the Project Architects.

The resultant building, completed in August 2008 within a construction period of 13 months, is a landmark in the city of Nairobi.

The new Coca-Cola Regional Headquarters building concept was derived from the Coca-Cola brand ribbon and boasts of many features that make it a truly unique building that is both refreshing and inspiring. The building boasts of many “Green” features that include solar heating, rain water harvesting, power conservation devices and a green roof garden that acts as a recreation area and ensures that there is minimal heat gain in a large portion of the building through the roof top.

The new building has state-of-the-art IT, audio visual and security systems that together with all the other building systems are managed through a building management system (BMS). Apart from offi ces, the building has a large auditorium that seats 200 people, a gymnasium, staff canteen and extensive external terraces.

Construction started in July 2007 and was completed in August 2008 within programme and budget.

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12 thoughts on “Featured Building – Coca Cola Headquarters in Upper Hill

  1. IT would be great to have this building to be LEED certified. That way the “green credentials ” can be on an actual standardized and measured basis, apart from just claim. I will be most glad to discuss the possibility.
    Andrew Amadi
    Certified Energy Manager

    • Denver Hendricks should know better how to express himself. After all, Architects are supposed to be masters of precise, accurate description, and as professionals, should try to be an example to others. Denver, it’s “I would ‘have’ expected…”. The Coca Cola building looks pretty good to me, an at least they are trying.

      Retired Australian Architect

  2. To call this building a landmark is not exact, it’s a of good architecture bt with nothing exceptional so at the end of the day it is all feelings. The features of green technology tht u have described are standadized features of any building, they have little to do with truly green architecture. On top of that this building is too low lying and a bit inward looking to be easy to even notice it. I still believe a better structure would have been put up by Coca Cola esp. to represent such a big chunk of Africa.

    Felix Datche,
    Architectural Journalist. Nairobi.

  3. I concur with remarks made by Felix….that structure can only be rated average…..i wonder which criteria was used to determine whose design is adopted….anyway good work.

  4. The building is way from being called ‘green’ its just a bit eco-friendly. Its a good start for buildings that want to go green. Its good for kenya, congrats Gapp.

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